Monday, February 23, 2009

First Things First

The concept behind 52 is to blog about 52 new views in the year ahead. Once weekly I'll write about something new that I've seen, heard, or done.

What's the wacky love affair with "new"? We moan about excessive change in our lives then buy every piece of technology that debuts on the market. Yet we also embrace the familiar, the comfortable, ordering the same half-dozen dishes at our favorite restaurants. An emerging wrinkle or gray hair sends us over the edge and up to the sales counter for the latest potion to keep us looking…the same…or, better, the way we looked five years ago.

52 is about freeing our hungry minds and examining our world afresh instead of gazing inward at our reflections. It's a juxtaposition of the new into the familiar and sharing what friends are learning and discovering. What are you experiencing and sensing for the first time? What did you pass daily without notice that now imparts richness and direction in your life?

I’m summoning up all of my innocence to be fully present in my world and savor its complexity – the sweetness of its belly laughs, the saltiness of its sorrows, and its emerging and unrelenting grace. What the world reveals to me, I’ll reveal to you.

Welcome to my journey.


  1. Yea Beth! I love the idea of blogging for 52 weeks. Perfect! You really nailed it about our obsession with new. I admit I always ordering the same entrees when I go out for Chinese. How'd you know?

  2. Yep, I'm going to like this; I'm in, girl. I can hear your voice when I read your words and there is nothing more authentic- somehow, even smoother than being face to face when the writing is this is good... and I so enjoy your face. You are a truth-teller.

  3. This is fun and a great way to force yourself to write an essay every week - you are an inspiration! Enjoying reading your thoughts!